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Coiling Doors:
Slatted & Grilles




Coiling Doors: Slatted & Grilles

A. Glossary of terms with diagrams

  1. Astragal: Weatherstripping that attaches to the bottom bar.
  2. Barrel: The assembly that contains the counterbalancing springs of the door.
  3. Between Jamb Mounted: Installed between the jambs of the opening.
  4. Bottom Bar: The bottom piece of a rolling door that comes down to rest on the sill or floor.
  5. Bottom Track: The lower track of a side coiling closure.
  6. Bracket: The plates at each end of the door that are bolted to the guides to support the barrel and curtain assembly.
  7. Coil Box: The angle box that houses the side coiling curtain and drive assembly.
  8. Counter Door: A smaller door primarily for commercial and institutional application which closes on a countertop.
  9. Counter Door with Sill and Trim: Counter doors fabricated with a stainless steel frame and sill.
  10. Counter Fire Door: Fire doors constructed with scaled-down components which close on a countertop.
  11. Curtain: The main body of the door that can be made up of slats, rods or links.
  12. Cycle: A complete or partial opening and closing of a door.
  13. End Locks: Metal pieces attached to the ends of the slats to prevent lateral shifting.
  14. Face-of-Wall Mounted: Installed by attaching to the face of the jamb either inside or outside the structure.
  15. Factory Mutual: An insurance carrier who tests and labels fire doors.
  16. Featheredge™: A safety edge attached to the bottom bar of a motor-operated rolling door to automatically stop or reverse the door if it comes in contact with an obstruction.
  17. FinalCote™: The finish applied to Cookson Rolling Door slats consisting of corrosion inhibiting primer and thermosetting tan polyester top coat.
  18. Fire Door: Service doors designed and equipped to automatically close if subjected to a fire.
  19. Firefly Release Holder: An electromechanical release holder that allows the connection of a rolling fire door to an electrical smoke detector.
  20. FireStop™ Countertop: A tested countertop for use with rolling counter fire doors.
  21. Grille: A rolling door of rod and link construction to allow visibility and ventilation.
  22. Guide: The side track of the door
  23. Guide Weatherstrip: Vinyl or neoprene material secured to the inside angle of the guide to prevent air infiltration.
  24. Hood: The sheet metal cover attached to the brackets to enclose the barrel assembly.
  25. Hood Baffle: A piece of waterproof canvas attached to the interior of the hood to prevent air infiltration.
  26. Inside Angle: One of the angles forming the channel in which the door goes up and down.
  27. Insulated Door: Service doors constructed with a double-slated curtain filled with insulation.
  28. Outside Angle: One of the angles forming the channel in which the door goes up and down.
  29. Return Box: A pulley assembly located at the end of the top or bottom track of a side coiling closure to return the cable to the coil box.
  30. Service Door: Large, slatted doors used to close large openings in industrial and commercial applications.
  31. Side Coiling Closure: Rolling doors that close horizontally rather than vertically.
  32. Slat: Interlocking metal shapes that make up the curtain of the door.
  33. Stop: Metal pieces attached to the guide to prevent the bottom bar from going up into the hood.
  34. Test-A-Fire®: A control panel for use with rolling fire doors which automaticalIy, through the use of a motor, closes the door when a fire alarm is actuated.
  35. Thermosetting: A metal coating requiring heat in order to be properly cured.
  36. Top Track: The upper track of a side coiling closure.
  37. Torsion Springs: Springs wound in a clockwise or counter clockwise position to counterbalance weight.
  38. Underwriters Laboratory: An independent testing laboratory which conducts standardized tests.
  39. View Light: A hole punched in a solid slat, covered with plexiglass for visibility through the door.
  40. Wall Angle: The angle of the door guide which attaches to the wall and supports the bracket.
  41. Warnock Hersey: An independent testing laboratory similar to U.L.
  42. Windlocks: Metal pieces attached to the ends of the slats which interlock with the windlock bar in the guide to prevent the curtain from blowing out of the guides.
  43. Wood Counter Door: Counter doors constructed of wooden surface materials.

B. Design considerations

  1. Typically acceptable jamb / head details
  2. Motor mount options
  3. Typical conduit requirements
  4. Corridor fire doors
  5. Smoke door (counter-style) header
  6. Rated pass-thru countertop
  7. Rebar coordination

C. Control stations: cutsheets

  1. Push Button (3) w/ Keylock – NEMA 1 – Flush
  2. Key Switch – NEMA 4 – Surface
  3. Key Switch w/ Stop Button – NEMA 4 – Surface
  4. Key Switch w/ Stop Button – NEMA 1 – Flush
  5. Push Button (3) – NEMA 1 – Surface
  6. Push Button (3) – NEMA 4 – Surface
  7. Push Button (3) – NEMA 1 – Flush
  8. Push Button (3) w/ Keylock – NEMA 4 – Surface
  9. Push Button (3) w/ Mortise Keylock – NEMA 4 – Surface

D. Testing reports / Guidelines

  1. NFPA 80
  2. ADA – Protrusions
  3. CBC 2007 – Wall ratings and minimum door ratings
  4. CEC 2004 – Electrical working space requirements
  5. UL
    a. Counter Fire Door
    b. Service Fire Door
  6. Warnock Hersey Directory of Products

Sectional Doors

A. Glossary of terms with diagrams (coming soon)

B. Track layout options (coming soon)

Access Control

A. Glossary of terms with diagrams (coming soon)

B. How loops work (coming soon)

Dock Products

A. Glossary of terms with diagrams (coming soon)

B. Leveler anchorage (coming soon)

C. Typical conduit requirements (coming soon)

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